Best Flea and Worm treatments for New Zealand Cats in 2020

Published September 22nd, 2021 in CatsFlea TreatmentWorm Treatment


We all know how important it is to treat your feline friend for parasites – but we all know it can be a challenge! Is your cat always ‘mysteriously’ missing just when you need them? They always seem to know what we’re about to do before we do it, so finding them (let alone treating them!) can be half the challenge!

We know that life is busy enough as it is, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best, veterinarian-approved flea and worm treatments for New Zealand cats in 2020. We’ve ranked the top three according to effectiveness, ease of administration, safety and price, to make treating your cat for worms and fleas super safe and super easy. With all of our vets top products we have put them into plans for complete parasite cover year round! 

  1. Bravecto Plus Spot-On 
    Bravecto Plus is a highly effective, combination spot-on product protecting against fleas, ticks and worms. Each application lasts three months, making it great for cats that aren’t too fond of their treatments.While it treats the majority of worms, it doesn't treat for tapeworm (which is carried by fleas) so a compatible booster wormer such as Profender is required.
    If you want a long-lasting and highly effective treatment plan, requiring just five doses per year, sign up to our Bravecto Plus Spot-On plan and ensure the right dosage appears at your doorstep as soon as your cat’s due.

  2. Broadline Spot-On
    Broadline is an effective and gentle all-in-one treatment, protecting against fleas, ticks and all intestinal worms. As the treatment lasts for 30 days, monthly dosing is required, and therefore best for cats that are easy to treat. Broadline is also a gentle treatment for kittens as young as eight weeks old (or 0.8kg). For one product to suit your cat for life, choose our Broadline Spot-On subscription.

  3. Advocate Spot-On 
    Similar to Bravecto Plus, Advocate treats fleas, ticks and the majority of worms excluding tapeworm, so a booster worming treatment is required annually. With our Advocate Spot-On plan, you’ll receive a treatment every month and a booster treatment once a year. It’ll work out cheaper than purchasing in-store, too!

To ensure your cat is healthy, safe and comfortable all year round, choose a top quality treatment that’s safe for your pet and easy for you. Better yet, sign up to one of our pet protection subscription plans. You’ll never miss a dose again and have piece of mind your cat is in optimum health year round. 

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