About Us

Vetty was started in 2018 by a pet lover and a veterinarian fed up with the rigmarole of keeping their pets' parasites free year round and knowing how important parasite prevention is for a pets overall health.

Together they came up with Vetty, a subscription service which provides a super-easy way to keep their pets in great health, all year round.

They selected the most effective, safe products tailored to the New Zealand environment and put them into plans which are delivered to customers' doors everytime the pet comes due. Vetty does all of this often for less than walking into your local vet or pet store.

Since its launch in 2018 Vetty has become unanimous with pet health in New Zealand and serves thousands of pets nationwide. In November 2021 we launched our Nutrition Plans, bringing together the top pet food brands in New Zealand and tailoring them to pets lifestyle and life stage and delivering them to owners doors every month.

Our goal is to make New Zealand pets the healthiest pets in the world all while making owners' lives that little bit simpler.

We are based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

How Vetty works

Tell us about your pets

Help us get to know your pet
 and there specific needs

Select a plan or build your own

Tailored or customised, we’ve 
got your little fella covered.

We deliver the goods

Everything your pet needs, right 
when they need it. Easy right?

Sign up to one of our customised plans and we’ll make sure your pet’s health does not get forgotten.

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